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How a nurse can become a doctor

When it comes to career development, we all have big dreams, and everyone hopes to get what they dream of becoming. However, things change, life happens, and college happens; basically, we all know that at some point future is a bit unpredictable and whatever happens maybe sometimes what we never dreamt of or things turn out differently. Ideally, doctors and nurses both are vital and play very crucial roles, and they work closely in the healthcare field to make sure that patients get the proper care. Therefore mostly nurses had desired to become doctors, though these two individuals play adverse responsibilities and role to the patients. Thus for a registered nurse can be a medical doctor only after going through...

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You are a male nurse, so you must be gay! and other misconceptions around male nurses

So you are a male nurse then you must be gay! You are male nurse, so you just the flirting all day with women? And other misconceptions about male nurses What I am going to address in this video. Because there are many misconceptions about the male nurses out there and most of them don't even begin to come true. Be a little smaller on the life of a male nurse, and you will know that the male nurses are often the most dedicated because they have to prove himself time and time again to prove that they are worthy of the title nurse. DISCLAIMER: The materials and the information contained in this video are provided for general and educational...

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Violence in the workplace, coping with it

Violence in the workplace is nothing to make fun of!!! But nurses all over the world experience violence every day and that's why we need to learn how to cope with it instead of hiding away. In the ideal world, there would be no violence against nurses doctors and other health care staff, but we do not live in a perfect world, so we need to learn how to protect our mental health even when our physical body is being violated. These techniques are meant as basic techniques on how to deal with workplace violence; for that matter, the methods can be used for any physical or mental violation you experience throughout life. It might be aimed at nurses, but...

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