Does Water Help Your Health? Does it boost your body?

The average nurse walks 8 miles a day. They take over 16,000 steps per day. Of course, that doesn't include double shifts or triples. It doesn't include how many times a nurse steps out of their way to care. In those busy moments when all the call lights are beeping and flashing there isn't always a chance to sit down and have a glass of water. Health science states that you should drink 3-6 fluid ounces per mile. Which is one of the many reasons its important to have it with you on the go. The day-to-day paperwork and shift changes make every second count. Having water on the go lets you make every second count too.

We've heard time and time again that if you're thirsty then you're already dehydrated. Dehydration causes not just exhaustion but irritability as well. In a career where patience is one of the greatest tools - hydration is vital.

Unlike common alternatives such as coffee or energy drinks - water is 100% healthy. 100% good for your body. And 100% the best option for any active lifestyle. For example, water and hydration help with allergies. This is because when dehydrated the body tightens the airways to preserve water. This reflex can increase allergic irritation. Staying hydrated help prevents this from occurring.

Each patient has such a variety of questions, concerns, and needs that it becomes difficult to remember all of them. Not to mention the questions concerned family members and friends have. Thankfully, water is an ally for your memory as well. Health science shows that being properly hydrated increases cognitive functions such as memory and alertness.

Water shortens muscular recovery time. So those rough shifts that leave your body feeling sore won't last quite as long. Keeping water on stand-by also boosts the immune system. Hydration allows the body to remove toxins more efficiently so that your immune system can focus on other things. Like keeping you safe from sneezing, coughing patients.

Most reusable plastic water bottles contain the chemical, BPA due to how plastic is manufactured. BPA can cause a slew of health conditions when ingested over time. Carrying your water in a container that doesn't include BPA is a better option for long term health and fitness.

An aluminium water bottle offers not just the convenience of staying healthy and hydrated but also is highly durable. It can survive the drops, falls, and bangs of an active lifestyle. There's no need to add any special cleaning routines into an already frantic schedule because of their dishwasher safe. Aluminium is resistant to absorption of outside chemicals. Meaning that if you drink flavoured water then you don't have to worry about the taste staying in the bottle. An aluminium water bottle is also 100% recyclable and toxin-free.

Imagine having a cold, refreshing sip of freshwater that you feel in your chest. An aluminium water bottle makes that possible by keeping cold water cold. Preserving that clear, satisfying taste for hours

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