What is an ER nurse?

An Emergency Room Nurse is responsible for providing comprehensive care to patients who are currently suffering from various types of conditions, being responsible for providing patients with efficient and fast treatment. The Emergency Room Nurse is expected to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the patients' history. In fact, each patient has an exceptional background that must be wholly and correctly analyzed from the Nurse.

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Nursing skills

There are several forms of skills that an Emergency Room Nurse must possess. Firstly, a nursing background is required as one's career background (Depending on location, a bachelor degree in nursing can be necessary). It's common knowledge that most nursing jobs require applicants to possess a diploma in nursing. Furthermore, it's also mandatory that you have some expertise or knowledge about different topics related to nursing, such as ethical problems, nurses' rights, hospitals, administrative issues, etc..

Then different aspects are needed to meet the job description of an Emergency room Nurse including qualification causes and the experience. For instance, the hospital at which you're planning to take up your career requires experienced and qualified personnel for hospitals. However, the responsibilities of an Emergency Room Nurse aren't confined to hospitals.

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You are the link

The work entails providing assistance and care. The individual patients that you'll treat and take care of daily. The ability to take care of cases necessitates experience and techniques.

In certain situations, for instance, the individual may be admitted to the hospital. You provide the care and guidance to them through your communication and listening skills, and you may be the link between the patient and hospitals doctors. That means you can give them information concerning the emergency and could be the individual's contact with the hospital. There is an assortment of responsibilities you have to perform on a daily basis.

More than a description

The work description does not cover it all. You'll have a duty to rate the patient's history, using that while you conduct a clinical evaluation of the individual. You also need to have the ability to provide an opinion regarding the individual's condition and ensure that the decision taken is right. It's required you could offer the essential information regarding the patient's wellbeing, lifestyle, risk factors, potential side effects of drugs which are prescribed, and the benefits of the medication and what to expect from the patient after taking the drugs, etc..

Other than providing information regarding the patients, update physicians and doctors on a daily basis, you will have to monitor the progress of the patient. Also, you must attend to different emergencies so the level of preparedness is maintained. As a matter of fact, you need to attend to cases of individuals needing emergency treatment and attention. 

Emergency room monitoring

When the individual is admitted to the hospital, the treatment takes place, and your tasks include helping the doctors and other nurses in performing the assessment and managing the patient's needs for treatment and assistance. Your activities are getting very important information about the individual as well as include the management of their patient's lifestyle and health. Other than this, you also ought to perform certain procedures to assess complications of the treatment that's being provided.

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