Getting a good start to your clinical and leave a good impression

It is not easy to start your first clinical; for that matter, it's not easy to start any clinical placement. But with a few simple tricks, I have made it a little easier for you. These tricks are nothing special, but they are worth so much to remember.

The tips and tricks I will give you throughout this video are the signs should be simple for you to remember but powerful for you to use, as you venture out into the world of nursing clinical. I know that going through clinical is not easy, and that is why I have made this video for you.

I have been through several clinical placements already, first during my license practical nurse education in Denmark where there were three clinicals, it was here I perfected the art of going through an excellent clinical. Then through my Bachelor education, I have currently been out to four clinicals and using these simple tricks I have been offered a position at all my clinical placements.

So I reach you to watch this video learn from it and leave a like comment down below if you have any questions I will answer them in the comments or in a later video.


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