How a long commute is acceptable!

Do you hate long commutes? Do you become bored often in public transports? Well, the moments when the road to work is a long and boring one must disappear! Even if you can't get back the time you take every morning to get to the office, you can get rid of downtime and make your day easier and productive. Here are some ideas to spend your time on public transport or, some of them, even in your car!

Read a book

One of the most popular activities while commuting to the office (and back home in the evening) is reading. Whether you choose to read a book of fiction or an educational one, time will not be wasted. Books can expand your creative universe and can inspire you or even solutions to your problems in everyday life. Choose the ones whose subject you are interested in, to keep your curiosity along your route. Another benefit of books is that you can improve your vocabulary. If you are a driver, try an audiobook instead of the conventional book.

Listen to motivational speeches

There are all kinds of motivational or inspirational speeches on the internet, ready to be downloaded and listened to your mobile devices at any time. Take advantage of online resources, so that you can increase your determination to do something or even educate yourself in a certain field. The best part is that audio resources can also be listened to while driving!

Learn a foreign language

Generally, you might say that you don't have time for such activities. Well, to avoid wasting time, you can try to learn a foreign language while travelling to the office with public transports. Several platforms offer free courses and thus, you can no longer complain about downtime due to the long commute you have to travel or the lack of time to learn a new language!

Create something

Of course, you won't be able to take out an easel and a set of paintings in public transports, but I still advise you to create something artistic. Whether you choose to make a sketch, on a notebook, or to write a story, a poem or a song, take your time with something artistic. Thus, you will be able to open your mind to creativity and free yourself from stress.


If you prefer not to do anything active while going to the office, I suggest you look out the window of the bus. Just ignore images and activities beyond the window and focus on meditation. What better time to do this than to sit on a bus and do nothing. Get mentally away from the noises of public transport, thoughts and problems. Try to clear your mind completely and enjoy a few minutes of peace and inner peace!

Organize your day

Let's take it differently. You are at the beginning of the day, at home you have already served breakfast and morning coffee, at the office you will have to solve at least 4-5 tasks today, and in the evening you have made plans with some friends. Use the time spent on the bus to organize your activities for the day, in order of their importance.

Listen to music

The simplest of the activities I suggest is listening to music. I don't think there is a better time to energize and cheer you up than at the beginning of the day. Fill your playlist with your favourite songs, those with positive messages and good mood, and let the music charge you with energy. Your mood will improve, and your day will become better!


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