What is direct to garment printing?

Direct to garment printing is one of the latest fashion trends in the world of fashion and business. It has become very popular because of its direct reach, as well as its durability that you can practically print whatever you want from the comfort of your home, at least with our design tool you can try here. Most of the printing business today is dedicated to ready to wear, or RTW printing. This is a strategy where the ready-to-wear designers hire in-house designers to make the clothing for the ready-to-wear business, as do we with our apparel collections for men and women.

Printing direct to garment

How do we do it?

Basically, direct to garment printing is a method where the design is submitted to the printer, and we print it in a machine. When you request a specific design, we send your application for the work to the printer, with the selects design. We use this "On Demand" printing method since it is very popular among the young generation, because of its advantages. These advantages include the fact that you get a unique design made by you for you or as a personal gift. On-Demand printing is, therefore, perfect for the person who wants to create original work.

Why choose us?

You will get the job done quickly and professionally by selecting us. We will take great care in making the apparel pice as you design it, we do hold reservations when it comes to size and fit so make sure you take body measurements before ordering, so we can deliver the perfect piece of apparel for you. 

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