Why Is Working In Healthcare Rewarding?

Some people are born nurses. Called to it. They have a natural want to help whenever or wherever they can. Other people become nurses for one reason or another. But a nurse stays a nurse because they know at the end of the day - what they do matters.

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A career as a nurse is rewarding. Granted it is not a career for the faint of heart due to the variety of challenges that occur day to day. The challenges that are overcome by experience, stamina, and patience. Due to those challenges it's easy to lose sight of all the positives a career in healthcare can provide.

As a nurse, you know that your career field is always growing. As it currently stands, and will continue to do so, there is no replacement for a nurse. No substitute for human touch and compassion. No machine can provide the peace of mind and genuine care that a great nurse can.

Variety is the spice of life. Few things offer as much variety as a career in healthcare. The flexibility to specialize in a number of advanced fields, the opportunity to apply experiences in a dynamic setting, and the safety of knowing that where ever life takes you that you have the skills to thrive. Great nurses are needed everywhere. You can take your scrubs anywhere you need and help whenever you can.

Some of the best perks of a career in nursing revolve around the benefit packages most employers pay their front line workers. You can rest easy knowing that should you ever need your own nurse then they'll be there. And if all you need is some time off then you'll have it. A career in nursing comes with paid time off and a host of other medical benefits.

At times the key to variety is education. As a nurse practitioner you have options to not only further your education but to truly focus on your passion in life. This offers the chance to learn a number of intertwining skills and practices. It isn't that just that the sky is the limit but that the limit get higher every day. You will always have the chance to learn and hone your skills as a nurse practitioner.

The connections you make as a nurse are priceless. Not just the career connections but the family you build along the way. The bonds you make with those in your charge. All the days you brighten and lives you save.

They say if you do what you love then you'll never work a day in your life. They have never been a nurse. The work is rewarding but it is work.

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So, to all the nurses working overtime in the ER - thank you. To all the nurses running meds from floor to floor and checking schedules - thank you. And to all the unsung nurses who provide care, love, and patience - thank you.

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