Environmental policy

We see it as our mission to be socially responsible. That is why we think of the environment when we make products to you. Our business is based on minimalizing our carbon footprint. That is why some products are made only when ordered and other products we have in limited stock.

We see a lot of benefit in thinking about the environment not just for you and me but for our children, our children's children and so on. Since we only have this one earth, we have to take care of it. For us taking care of our environment means we have to sell you high-quality items that don't wear easy. When we combine that with high design quality, you will get a high-quality product to a reasonable price.

In the interest of full transparency, we have to inform you that there's a downside to our way of making high-quality products for you and that is the delivery time. Since we sometimes have to make your products, there is, of course, a production time, but in our experience, the most extended wait for you is the shipping time.

On our product, you can expect a 2 to 4 weeks delivery time depending on your location. We are currently shipping fromย locations in the USA and EU. We will ship from where the product is available to fulfil your order. That is also why you might receive more than one package if you order more than one item.

We know that the shipping of more than one package is a strain on the environment so we are working on a solution where we can fulfil all orders in one go. With that said, we still have our costumers in mind and are looking at how we can minimize the delivery time in the most environmentally friendly way.

Since we can't solve all problems in one go, we will keep working on minimizing our carbon footprint. This is an effort that we will keep working on as longe as we have a carbon footprint