I do care, Placemats 6 pices
I do care, Placemats 6 pices
I do care, Placemats 6 pices
I do care, Placemats 6 pices

I do care, Placemats 6 pices

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Show that you do care, with these placemats you show you a part of the most exceptional team, you're part of a health care team that cares for the patient. With these placemats on the table, you will show that you do care if your patient gets well, you too care about what makes your patient better physically as well as mentally.

With these placemats you will show that you are more than just a health care provider, you see your job as more than a job you see it as a lifestyle. And with inspiration from every nurse in the world, we have made these placemats in a nurse grade quality; this means that these placemats is made to suit your lifestyle.

The stylish design is made with inspiration from nurses, doctors, as well as other health care staff and the service they do every day for the patient. The design is made to show you as more than just a worker in health care; it is meant to show you as a proud nurse, doctor, or any other member of staff in a health care setting.

Look and feel


  • 14.60 Oz. MADE FROM - 100% High-quality polyester canvas duck fabric. Great for any occasion and daily use.
  • EASY CARE - Machine washable on a cold wash. NO FADING. Wrinkle resistant. No ironing needed. Easy to clean, and dries very quickly.
  • FEATURES - Vivid colours & clear image. Long-lasting design. No dyes harming the health of your family.
  • ANTI-SCRATCHES: Protect your table from scratches and stains and create an enjoyable dining environment.
  • STORED EASILY: It can fold up to save lots of space for storage, and it's durable and reusable.
  • Size: 12" x 18".
  • Package includes 6 placemats.