Pediatric nurse Travel mug

Pediatric nurse Travel mug

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It is time for you to be a proud pediatric nurse. This travel mug is designed to inspire you as well as your coworkers, with the playful, childish design, we know that you bring a smile to the faces of children and now you can show it to the world, show that you are proud to be a nurse but not just any nurse because you are a pediatric nurse.

With this travel mug, you are sure to get attention from others around you, since they will know that you take pride in your work with the most precious of patience. Because being a pediatric nurse is smaller than a job, it is something that impacts you on a fundamental level.

Look and Feel

  • 14 Oz. Designed for daily use, perfect for water, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, soup and more.
  • Classical silver mug, solid colour will easily mix and match with many designs and other colours.
  • Durable 100 % stainless steel material, low-maintenance, unbreakable, not easy to chip or crack.
  • 14 Oz capacity, sized in 2.5"(Bottom) x 3.35"(Top) x6"(Height), convenient to carry.
  • Plastic C-shaped handle, insulated and comfortable to hold.
  • Removable lid, easy washing.
  • Simple and fashionable shape, available in different occasions.